5 Tips To Attract and Retain "Strong Workforce" By Forbes

“Great things in business are never done by one person.They are done by a team of people.”
Steve Job
(CEO and co-Founder of Apple Inc)

We live happily when the economy being challenged by global rapid change, companies are going down the drain. Human Resource Team are facing more challenges than ever not limit:
  • Handling Staff Turnover
  • Getting a good replacement and train them
  • Create a happy work culture
  • Build Motivate and passion workforce


Have you found the solution?

Lucky for you, Mike Kappel, Founder and CEO of Patriot Software recommended free and inexpensive methods in Forbes, one of the most famous business magazines worldwide.

1. Always Hire the Right Person

"Keeping employees starts with hiring the right employees"

Is someone who has strong skills is the right person? But how well can they fit in with your business culture?

Here are some key points help you understand better:
  • Hire who are behavioural and cultural fit for the job
  • Someone who don’t fit in your work environment, they won’t be happy
  • Outstanding Candidate that doesn’t match your business culture won’t stay long

2. Money and Benefit is almost everything!

People want to be compensated well; We want to be compensated well.
They need to cover standard expenses like:
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Foods

And most people want enough money for extra! If you don’t pay well, they’ll find a business that will.

Here are some tips can help you out:
  • Find out what your competitors pay their staff
  • Research competitive salary range based on similar jobs in your local area
  • Also find out what benefits competitor or other business offer in your area

3. Give Encouragement & Recognition

"Your Staff need encouragement and recognition!"

When employees do something truly worth congratulate, tell them Good Job!
When they finish a difficult project before the deadline, Congratulate them!

The main goal here is to create Positive, Encouraging work environment.
When one who feel respected, acknowledged, desired, and motivated, they are more likely to stay.

Best of all, this method to reduce turnover is absolutely free, what we need is the power of your words.

4. Show the Career Path

One of the most common reason for staff resignation is they are looking for “Job Advancement”.

Why is that happening?
Most employees want to increase their skills and knowledge, then move up the career ladder.
Show them the way to go further in their career path, provide them with coaching by recommending ways to advance.

You can also provide opportunity to learn new skills and practice them by putting them on for a new task.

5. Allow Flexible Work Scedule

"Work-Life-Balance is the key!"

If it’s possible, allow flexibility to adjust their work time and location.

So, your workers can pursue things beyond works and take care of their families. People who live their lives outside of work, they will be more satisfied and less distracted when at work.

However, flexible work schedule might not be possible for all business, some might need employees to be at your business at specific time, but there still might be ways you can offer flexibility, such as flexible lunch hours.

Source: Forbes

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