Under the Employees' Social Security Act 1969 (Act 4), all legal foreign workers in Malaysia who have been issued a valid work permit by the Immigration Department of Malaysia will be covered under Social Security Organisation (SOCSO).

They are eligible to claim all benefits under the Employment Injury Scheme:

  • Medical Benefit
  • Temporary / Permanent Disablement Benefit
  • Dependents’ Benefit
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Constant-Attendance Allowance
  • Rehabilitation (except for Dialysis, Vocational or Return To Work Program)

Employers must register their foreign workers with SOCSO from 1 January 2019 via the online Automated SOCSO Integrated System (ASSIST) portal or submit the Foreign Worker Registration Form to the nearest SOCSO office.

For existing foreign workers who have Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS), they have to register with SOCSO, a day after the expiration of the FWCS.

Employer will contribute 1.25% of the insured's monthly wages towards the Employment Injury Scheme.

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